Writing activities for a case of bad stripes

Supporting All Learners This book addresses the issue of being worried about what others think about you. Camilla finally said she liked lima beans writing activities for a case of bad stripes turned back into her old self. First, discuss how the author has taken a common problem that many children can relate to, and developed a story with VERY unique ideas about what happens when someone has this problem.

What would respectful behavior look like? So, I redirected them back to the other page on my flipchart and said, "What did we just write about that in our first effect box? It would probably be helpful to--as a class--chart a list of "Ordinary Problems Kids Experience.

I said, "We have done a great deal of work on cause and effect today with our story. Lesson Extensions Have the students draw a large picture of themselves and decorate it with their own "Bad Case of Have them write a story about themselves waking up with stripes like Camilla and what the reason for those stripes was.

I think this is going to be a silly story because David Shannon writes silly books. You must be a member of our "Writing Lesson of the Month" ning to post.

A note for our teacher users: Use the writing prompts as journal topics or as the basis of a separate writing project.

Once we had practiced I let them complete the sentence by finishing the stem. To focus on the meaning and message of "A Bad Case of Stripes," have the students re-enact key points in the story.

The intended "mentor text" to use w hen teaching this on-line lesson is the picture book A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. Camilla got a bad case of stripes. Let me read this part of the story again. Look for the "Reply to this Box" beneath the post. We share graphic organizers with our peers, we find them in books, and we think we should also be able to find tried-and-true ones online at WritingFix.

While reading, discuss the problems that Camilla was having and possible solutions to the problems.

Cause and Effect with

Thoroughly talk about these two things before taking students to the interactive prompt below. Why did the Dr. All these things are silly and make an entertaining story. Camilla put on a pretty red dress, looked in the mirror and screamed. I then referred back to the flipchart.

Once students have a title and an emotion chosen, have them plan their story in three parts: What caused that to happen? You will also need to copy enough student packets for each of your students. I had Person 1 talk to their partner. Step two introducing models of writing: They practiced speaking to their partner.

Get Creative The colorful and creative nature of the story makes art a natural connection. This time Person 2 got to talk first.

Since I made the student packets in a Word document you can also easily change the student form to fit your needs.

After I had read that part again and the kids were on track again I had person 1 finish talking.

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I said, "Now who can tell me what caused this? Referring back to the list of student worries, determine possible solutions to their worries. Before we end for the day who can tell me an important event and why it happened?

Take 15 minutes to list worries on chart paper. Do you think Camilla cares about what other people think now that she changed back? Preview pages of the packet.A Bad Case of Stripes is a very popular story used to teach children about bullying and being yourself.

This NO PREP activity set is a perfect companion for. The book A Bad Case of Stripes, is written by a narrator. Rewrite the story briefly from the viewpoint of the old woman who cures Camilla at the end of the story. Rewrite the story briefly from the viewpoint of the old woman who cures Camilla at the end of the story.

A Bad Case of STRIPES - Activities ***Check out this David Shannon, Mo Willems and Julia Cook collection:*** Favorite Authors - Activities BUNDLE These highly engaging David Shannon - author of "A Bad Case of Stripes" themed activities are sure to be a hit with your young learners.

SWBAT write about the cause and effect with the story "A Bad Case of Stripes".

"A Bad Case of Stripes" sparks many potential writing prompts for the classroom. These activities help the students better comprehend the message in the story while working on their literacy skills. Student Activities The Teacher Store Book Clubs Book Fairs Scholastic Education A Bad Case of Stripes Lesson Plan.

After reading the book, students discuss how it makes people feel when others tease them, and how to accept differences in others. so she decorates herself in the drawing with water and fish for a "Bad Case of Fishing.

Writing activities for a case of bad stripes
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