Watchmen vs dark knight

And I was shocked, in a darker and more satiated way, than TDK. Are you really going to do anything to jeopardize the next Joe Mad variant cover? If you take my "name-calling" seriously then I suggest getting more than a sixth-grade backbone, pal. Will Elder and Wally Wood in my case particularly.

It was just very, very fortunate at this time. Basically, the issue looks to both the past and the future of comics.

Alpha Centauri Originally posted by SnakeEyes As far as leaving things out, think about ANY adaptation of a complex, or sometimes just plain lengthy, property. Ive read the Watchmen novel, and i feel the movie did a great job in converting it to the big screen.

Xplosive The Dark Knight is a better movie. This last weekend, I have seen Watchmen again, with subtitles. Scott Campbell or Michael Turner?

And he was just mobbed! And they are only obvious if you think, compare and contrast. Yeah, then you ended up debating me yourself, now you dislike me. Prep-Man The Watchmen is an excellent movie. I mean, it did have a seismic effect. Where is there heroism?

Watchmen (2009) -vs- The Dark Knight (2008)

He did his work as a director, realizing that comics are designed and scripted for certain reasons—the prime one being that you are both reading and watching art. Both movies are great, but i do feel while TDK may be a bit overrated, Watchmen is a bit underrated and doesnt get the recognition it deserves.

In fact we were quite worried about it at one point because the first we heard was that Frank was doing a story which dealt with a retired Batman and given that Watchmen was a story about retired superheroes, we were maybe just slightly concerned that we might be playing in the same sandbox.

It just cut down what was already there. Lastly, I want to touch on rules and stakes.In contrast, the Dark Knight feels, well, dark. Add to that the fact that Bruce Wayne's character is explored better than any of the characters in Watchmen, and the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is leaps and bounds waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Watchmen I disagree.

I watched both The Dark Knight and Watchmen: Directors Cut last night and it may be b/c I've tired out of TDK but I enjoyed Watchmen a hell of alot more.

Tim Burton's BATMAN vs Chris Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT. Nicholson is a blast to watch and is very fun but that s just the problem: in the 20 years since the last movie incarnation (joyfully.

Best Movie: Watchmen vs The Dark Knight Trilogy

Jul 04,  · The Dark Knight Returns, although honestly I think they're both very overrated. V for Vendetta and Swamp Thing were both better than Watchmen, and Long Halloween is better than Dark Knight Returns.

Sep 03,  · Best Answer: Watchmen isn't a graphic novel, it was a mini series same as The Dark Knight Returns. With that in mind I choose "The Death of Captain Marvel", as the greatest graphic novel so-far (not of all-time).Status: Resolved.

A person that believes Watchmen is better than Dark Knight is out of his mind. there's lots of flaws in the trilogy i notice when i watch them.

I didn't like many of the character, joker was.

Watchmen vs dark knight
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