Violence and ethics in electoral processes

These opportunities include decisions about when and where registration and early voting are conducted and what information such as pre-election turnout is given to a candidate or party. The only way forward will be to make sure that the institutions in Nigeria are made to work to maximum standards.

Umar, lecturer at the Kaduna State Polytechnic; Prof. It was also deemed important by some sections of the participants to articulate a reward system for the compliance to ethical values and to support the deepening of civic education as it relates with the ethics and values of non-violence.

He highlighted political crisis, institutional crisis and economic crisis among others as some of these issues. Further recommendations and solutions were proposed by the participants.

These concepts are merely used as slogans signifying nothing. Kigozi The round table brought together Chief Mrs.

Peace is within our power

Ethics he said is not about preaching but about acting accordingly. All hands Violence and ethics in electoral processes be on deck to evolve a new political and legal structure which will anchor party politics on the demands of the constitutional government, ethics, sound moral values, accountability, tolerance in diversity and the rule of law.

Concerning the roles, religious institutions have to play, Rev. The handbook explains the criteria used in deciding whether to observe an election, the steps taken to establish an EOM, and how a mission functions. To facilitate such assessment, a practical guide has been included as an annex.

The impartial deployment of sufficient security forces to ensure security for voters is necessary. The next discussion session, led by the moderator Mrs. Ultimately, she blamed the loss of ethics and values on the absence of civic education in the Nigerian educational system.


He pointed out the unfortunate fact that the politicians in our society today have become more desperate in retaining power and less tolerant to opposition and criticism leading to the majority of them resorting to ruthless means.

The goal is always trust, which is generated by embracing the principles of integrity and making ethical decisions.

The publication comes at a critical moment for press freedom amid unprecedented opportunities for expression of new voices as well as new forms of restriction, surveillance and control.

Electoral violence in the past has actively transformed to political tension and crisis, consequently wrecking all efforts made by Nigerians to sustain democratic governance.

Leadership sets the tones. Both the discussions on the costs and funding of electoral processes and the related recommendations made by the participants may be of use for other EMBs as well as for electoral assistance practitioners.

Each chapter can be read independently so that electoral practitioners only concerned with one facet of media and elections can turn directly to that section as a resource.

This mandates trustworthy personnel and clear ethics policies. Traditional and religious practices relegate women to traditional household roles, often leaving them in fear of rejection or even a violent reaction from their families if they attempt to enter politics.

She was of the opinion that the home, the educational system and the larger Nigerian community are the three phases to be considered in studying the effects of the presence or absence of ethics. The ICLG has also as its objective a family target advocacy.

The 5 Principles of Integrity in Elections

The floor was thrown open for the key note address of the Chief Mrs. Doris Ikpeze collected recommendations and proposed solutions from the participants.

Publications Youth Participation in Electoral Processes - Handbook for Electoral Management Bodies Specifically designed for electoral management bodies EMBsthis publication acknowledges the crucial role EMBs play in ensuring that all segments of the society, including youth, are empowered to fully participate in the electoral process, be as voters, candidates or officials.

Appoint an ethics compliance officer trained in rules, laws and procedures. KAS would pursue the issue and campaign for civic education and the promotion of ethics and values to be brought not only to schools but also to the general public through Nigerian NGOs and the media.

But a large percentage of election officials are elected to their offices on a partisan ticket or appointed on partisan basis. He started by identifying insecurity as the biggest challenge in the country as a democracy.

She extended gratitude to those who traveled from throughout the region and within the country to exchange ideas. The purpose of this report is also to propose preventive measures that should be adopted to mitigate the escalation of election-related violence and conflict throughout the electoral cycle.

The discussion closed with a short tea break and an opportunity for the participants to meet each other and share opinions. Hopefully, the formal political experience gained by women at the local level will transfer to greater representation in the national Parliament. Heinrich Bergstresser, a guest from Germany, who has close links to Nigeria for more than 20 years.

He maintained that there was a two way relationship between elections and violence in Nigeria and that the security agencies must play a crucial role in the management of electoral violence. However, women won less than 15 percent of parliamentary seats in the first postconflict elections in Liberia and Sierra Leone, as many female candidates lacked the capacity to challenge their male rivals.

According to her, the participation of women in politics is restricted to the fringes, leaving the centre dominated by men. It presents a synthesis of the UNDP experiences and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in providing political party support.COOPERATIVE POLITICAL DIALOGUE ELECTORAL PROCESSES citizen participation, ethics 8 PROMOTING WOMEN’S CANDIDACIES ELECTORAL SYSTEMS.

Feb 29,  · Overall, ethics in elections includes five elements: independence, transparency, integrity, competence and fairness. Independence: Like other elected officials, some election administrators must raise campaign contributions. In the course of their work, some might be called on to make decisions affecting contributors.

Promoting Inclusion and Reducing Violence in the Guatemalan Elections conducted an electoral violence assessment in political and electoral processes. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) recognizes that violence against women in elections is a threat to the integrity of the electoral process – it can affect women’s participation as voters, candidates, election officials, activists, and political party leaders, and it undermines the free, fair, and inclusive democratic process.

Electoral assistance and preventing electoral violence election processes Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Political Parties in Elections: A. He stated that the ethical challenges in the electoral processes could be viewed from issues in the macro environment and the micro environment.

He highlighted political crisis, institutional crisis and economic crisis among others as some of these issues.

Violence and ethics in electoral processes
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