The final offer video analysis

This was genius, as he won over the others opinion and and won the majority vote for his proposal. In the end of the workers and GM closed the deal. They were burning cars and harassing women.

He lashed out at one member of the UAW to prove a point about what he was trying to accomplish with his proposal. He planned backfired and it only showed how strong the UAW was all together. This made Members of the UAW really upset as they noticed how unorganized that made them look. Final Offer has, literally, educated generations of students about how collective bargaining actually works.

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Bob White kept his composure while listening to the members say that they were not interested in taking the deal. Bob Smith, who was the head of the Canadian Union had to speak on behalf of the workers Union to get the workers the deal that they were fighting for.

I never had the privilege of speaking to White in person.

Final Offer

During the strike GM threatened to eliminate the workers jobs and hire new employees to make the Union comply with their demands. White accomplished some incredible things in his long and productive life, but one of his activities is particularly meaningful to me.

Bob White in Bob ended up fighting with one of his fellow board members for saying that he did not think of the well being of the group as a whole. The Canadian Auto Workers CAW showed that an independent Canadian union could not only survive, but could also grow and could get what it wanted in negotiations — and that led a lot of other Canadian unions to go in the same direction.

When Bob presented the offer to the board of Union workers, everyone wanted a better deal. Owen had a similar negotiation with his American branch and settled it with a different deal that the Canadians want.

I show Final Offer in class every time I teach the industrial relations course at the University of the Fraser Valleyand every other instructor I know who teaches industrial relations courses shows it too.

That lack of pretense, and that willingness to give credit where credit was due, speaks to his character as a leader. Public opinion can impact a negotiation also as it may shift your interests due to the impact the public may have.

In this movie I noticed both uniformity and lack there of.Bob White and “Final Offer” This morning brought the sad news that Bob White had passed away. He was the founding president of the Canadian Auto Workers union – now known as Unifor, the largest private-sector union in Canada – and a former president of the Canadian Labour Congress, the national federation of Canadian unions.

FINAL OFFER (Music) Male Singer Foot on the gas Hand on the whee I Gain' to get lost in the city. Spend my week on the line Nickels and dimes. The filmmakers were given remarkable freedom to record the historic contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors ultimedescente.comor: Robert Collison, Sturla Gunnarsson.

The literature review, the preliminary data analysis, and legal and anecdotal evidence all seem to agree that there are problems with the implementation of final offer arbitration in workers' compensation. But changes to this system should be considered carefully.

Mar 08,  · "Final Offer" Reflection This week in class we watched a movie titled "Final Offer." The movie was a documentary about. Final Offer is the most comprehensive and candid look at collective bargaining on film.

It takes viewers on an eye-opening journey behind the closed doors and into the smoke-filled rooms where labor and management negotiate.

The final offer video analysis
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