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Nutritionists have claimed that advertising of fast food should be banned as of cigarettes as more people die of heart diseases every year than of lung cancer. KFC is known by many and is a trustworthy brand in many countries mainly due to its early franchising and international expansion.

If it is for dine in or take out then the customer has to just check in to let the staff know that they are present at the outlet physically and they do not have to wait in lines.

It is a publically listed company therefore it has some obligations to its investors as well. Now with the passage of time our future generation will find no trees in the world because of this criminal act also there will be less rainfall, more pollution and more diseases.

Moreover this deforestation has endangered wild life and those rare species which are on the edge of becoming extinct. There are many law suits on them by their customers who have proof that they have been served faulty food, which is either raw or rotten.

The different macro-environmental factors can affect business strategies. You should not see these factors as independent factors.

An Overview of the PESTEL Framework

It has to disclose its financial position to them and include them in all the major investment decisions. This is the era of technology and more and more people are becoming reliant on their mobile phones completely. Opportunities Increasing demand for healthier food. You can use it if you are seeking to analyze and screen the external marketing environment of you company.

This is cruelty to chickens and many animal welfare organizations including PETA protests against this issue. Threats Saturated fast food markets in the developed economies. This might serve as a preliminary inspiration. It also applies to firms identifying optimal areas for production or sales.

Political factors may even help determine the location of corporate headquarters. Political Factors Politics plays an important role in business.

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SWOT analysis of KFC

KFC, Kentucky fried chicken is born at year at a remarkable pace from one road side restaurant into an internationally renowned restaurant chain.

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Pest Analysis On KFC

Click here and find out about KFC’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. May 25,  · Pest Analysis On KFC: KFC Corporation (KFC), founded and also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in.

PESTEL Analysis is a strategic tool which has been utilized by the strategists and marketers to determine and analyze the external or Macro-environmental. View Notes - Pestel analysis on kfc from MGM at Institute of Finance and Economics, Mongolia.


Pestel analysis kfc
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