Only in america essay

It is by no means a lost cause to try to create a silicon valley in another country. One would be to have lower capital gains taxes. This is not a remark about the qualities of these groups, just their sizes. A lot of governments experimented with the disastrous in the twentieth century; now the trend seems to be toward the merely unpalatable.

Many more startups, including ours, were initially run out of apartments. I think one of the biggest obstacles to creating startups in Europe is the attitude toward employment.

You Can Fire People in America. Immigration policies that let in smart people? US immigration policy is particularly ill-suited to startups, because it reflects a model of work from the s.

There are few Jews left in Germany and most Jews I know would not want to move there. But America has no monopoly on this. In return the company would take care of you: Tax laws that encourage growth? But if you want to do that, you have to understand the advantages startups get from being in America.

If Hewlett and Packard tried running an electronics company out of their garage in Switzerland, the old lady next door would report them to the municipal authorities. What fraction of the smart people who want to come to America can even Only in america essay in?

On historical time scales, what we have now is just a prototype. I admit there seem to be different attitudes toward ambition in Europe and the US. Obviously they have the right people: The problem in more traditional places like Europe and Japan goes deeper than the employment laws.

And while governments might be able to set up local VC funds by supplying the money themselves and recruiting people from existing firms to run them, only organic growth can produce angel investors.

The kind of people you want to attract to your silicon valley like to get around by train, bicycle, and on foot. So we have no data about what it takes to get from the swarms-of-beggars stage to the silicon-valley stage. Economies are made out of people, and attitudes can only change a certain amount per generation.

More dangerous is the attitude they reflect: To start with, Silicon Valley is too far from San Francisco. Better to make everyone feel like a late bloomer than a failed child prodigy.

It seems quite likely that European governments of the 70s never drew this curve. What weaknesses could you exploit? It takes a while to be optimistic after events like that. America Has a Large Domestic Market. In Europe they generally decide in high school.

China still seems to be a police state, and although present rulers seem enlightened compared to the last, even enlightened despotism can probably only get you part way toward being a great economic power. But the importance of the new model is not just that it makes it easier for startups to grow.

So people who come to work in Silicon Valley face an unpleasant choice: The European approach reflects the old idea that each person has a single, definite occupation-- which is not far from the idea that each person has a natural "station" in life. The US Allows Immigration. Unfortunately the only industry they care enough about so far is soccer.

Few are the sort of backslapping extroverts one thinks of as typically American.Quarterly Essay 68 Without America: Australia in the New Asia [Hugh White] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. America is fading, and China will soon be the dominant power in our region.

What does this mean for Australia’s future? In this controversial and urgent essay. May (This essay is derived from a keynote at Xtech.) Startups happen in clusters. There are a lot of them in Silicon Valley and Boston, and few in Chicago or Miami.

Only in america essay
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