Medium length hairstyles

It never hurt to add some shine!

Medium Hairstyles for Women

Cut feathered layers to add extra texture, keeping some shorter ones around the crown. Choose a shorter bob with jagged, shaggy layers cut throughout. Try a boxed shape by cutting a long bob with long bangs that graze your eyes. You can opt for no layers at all, but in order to give your hair movement and texture, try long, feathered layers.

Playing around with length, layering, shape, and styling finishes opens up a world of chic creative hairdos. Opt for shaggy layers to give your hair a messy, yet chic style.

Whatever the style, you are bound to look youthful, and up-to-date with a cut like this lob. Caramel and strawberry blend to make a gorgeous medley, great for those who appreciate unique combos.

Layers will help you manage the body of your locks in free-flowing hairstyles. This choppy bob is on the shorter side of medium. Ask for layers that frame the face, just like these. Add caramel brown highlights to your ends to brighten the overall color. Dimensional Blonde Balayage Bob Finding the right hairstyles for women with graying hair can be daunting, but a good way to ease into the transition is with chunky ash blonde highlights.

Highlighting the face-framing strands you also make a thick hairstyle less overwhelming. This also allows you to cut long side bangs to frame your face. Style your locks in messy, uneven waves for an effortlessly undone vibe.

Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts

Messy Chocolate Lob with Caramel Highlights Upgrading medium length hairstyles with messy waves or curls is the ultimate go-to for busy women. Feathered Mid-Length Style for Straight Hair For some, wearing hair in downdos is a scary thought because hair tends to look flat and boring.

They are easier to style than short or long haircutswhile they still offer much freedom for variety and experiments. Just be sure to secure a follow up for trimming your hair, otherwise your bangs will be blocking your eyes in no time.

Using a curling iron or large hot rollers, create these swooping, messy waves that will last you all day long. Blonde Shag with Outgrown Roots Medium length hair looks good with root growth, without your color treatment appearing sloppy too soon.

It will tell you which looks you are more comfortable with. Get ready to book an appointment with your hairdresser in the new year. Medium Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers Shoulder length hairstyles often need well-shaped layers in order to create a nice, smooth flow in your hair.If you need inspo for your medium-length, shoulder-length, or somewhat longer hair (lookin' at you, curls and waves), we rounded up the very best hairstyles from your favorite celebrities, here.

Medium hairstyles are a popular choice in because of the length’s versatility. Medium-length hair ranges from the mid-neck line to just past the shoulders. This provides plenty of styling options like leaving your hair down with layers, waves, braids, ponytails or curls.

Best Medium-Length Haircuts for Medium Hairstyles. Experimenting with extremes can be fun, but there’s nothing wrong with settling on a hairstyle that’s somewhere in-between. What we’re saying is, maybe doesn’t have to be the year of having short hair or long hair.

Medium hair might be considered "safe" by some and, sure, it's never going to be as dramatic as a buzzcut or as jaw-dropping as waist-length hair.

But you can still have a heck of a lot of fun at.

Best Medium-Length Haircuts for 2018

When you want a versatile look that falls in the sweet spot between short and long, the medium-length cut is the just-right style you've been waiting for. The length of the bang has to reach the bridge of the nose and gradually get longer, creating slight asymmetry.

To achieve Naomi's look, blow-dry your hair smooth and straight.

Medium length hairstyles
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