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Stagnation — The relationship will decline even more if it reaches the stagnation stage. In business, this includes terminating suppliers, sacking employees and otherwise permanently breaking the relationship with the other person.

Separation, which tests whether communication and feelings of affection will continue despite an inability to physically be together. At this stage, relationships are generally pleasant, casual, and uncritical.

Movement is generally systematic and sequential. If they work together, they may move jobs or otherwise ignore each other. Avoiding The pair begins to physically separate themselves during the avoiding stage. Neither one of them is happy and the relationship must come to an end.

The development of a conceptual model and a test of representational validity. Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, 15 285— So this stage the judging would not be accurate. Movement may be forward. Initiation In the initial contact early impressions are made.

Partners can go through the same stages more than once, but they can never truly go back to "the way things were.

Knapp's 10 Stage Model

Knapps stage model 2 — In business, meetings are crucial to know the partners stands and other opinions. If tensions continue, it can be a difficult question as to whether separation is best or worst for the children.

Knapp's Relational Development Model

Other verbal and nonverbal manifestations of the integration include the couple seeing their relationship as special or unique in some way, the exchange of "trophies" for the other to wear or display, and potentially similarities in manner, dress, and verbal behavior can be seen.

In other words, given our sociological location, there are some people we see a lot of and others we never meet. They begin to do things together and, importantly, others come to see them as a pair.

Different forms of distancing are also common at this stage: Although these may be inaccurate, they may well significantly influence whether the individuals want to progress the relationship to a further stage.

Examples include a marriage, "best friend" ritual, or business partnership agreement.

Physical appearance often plays a big role in this stage when it comes to forming first impressions. Individuals may also be looking to advancing their career.

In this stage, interactants are concerned with making favourable impressions on each other.

Knapp’s Relationship Model

Initiation[ edit ] Initiation is the first stage where individuals make their first impressions on each other. Communication Quarterly, 50, 24— Development of relationship stage measures. Other models have also been discussed. In this model, this step is unavoidable and relationships can terminate at any time.

Example 2 — In business, the issues regarding the quality might arise due to the communication gap and the conflicts can lead to alternative contract units.

Initiation — This very short stage is all about making an impression. Social penetration theory was not established during the previous stages.

In business, this is where they start working together with each getting value from the arrangement, often directly financial or that will lead to financial benefit. The physical appearance plays a great role in impression making such as the dress that they wear, the perfume they use and the overall appearance.

Knowing this, they may avoid argument, but the differences still exist and work on the individual psyches. Sequencing makes forecasting adjacent stages easier.Knapp's Relational Model. STUDY.

PLAY. initiating. first stage-people introduce themselves and decide whether or not they wish to move to the next stage. experimenting. second stage- Knapp's Model of Relationship Development. 10 terms. Knapps developmental model.

15 terms. COMM CH Knapp's Staircase Model of Relationship Development This model was created in Mark Knapp created this stage model on the basic principles of the Social Penetration Theory just talked about on the previous tab. Relational Development.

Researchers have studied relationships to understand how they develop. One of the most popular models for understanding relationship development is Mark Knapp's Relational Stages Model.

Knapps Staircase Model - Coming Apart Stage 2: Circumscribing =partners begin to feel that they have nothing to talk about =sense of closeness may seem to be eroding.

A stage of relational develpoment preceding intregating, in which the parties move toward integration by increasing the amount of contact and the breadth and depth of self-disclosure A stage of relational development in which the parties begin to take on a.

As you explore interpersonal relationships, I personally studied Knapp's 10 Stage Model when I was in college. It is formally called Knapp's Model of Relational Development.

Knapp's model emphasizes ten critical stages that happen in two phases.

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Knapps stage model
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