Importance of consumer buying behaviour in marketing management

Role of Consumer Behaviour in Marketing

Internal influences on purchase decision[ edit ] See also: In compare the industrial buying process is much more formal process done according to pre-defined policy and norms. There are several stages a consumer goes through before he finally picks up things available in the market. It is useful in improving competitive strengths of the company.

Disruptive technologies such as the advent of wireless free communications devices can trigger a need for plethora of products such as a new mouse or printer.

Some purchase decisions are made by groups such as families, households or businesses while others are made by individuals. Part of any marketing program requires an understanding of which motives drive given product choices.

High standards and SEO qualified. They act as the source of information for new products or services available in the market. Dynamic Nature of Market: Marketing programme, consisting of product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions, can be prepared more objectively.

Consumer behaviour and consumption behaviour are two different concepts developed and cannot be used as a substitute. However, when consumers become more knowledgeable, functional attributes diminish and consumers process more abstract information about the brand, notably the self-related aspects.

The study of consumer behaviour is not useful for the company alone. The extent to which purchase intentions result in actual sales is known as the sales conversion rate.

A low grade worker would never be interested in purchasing business suits or formal shirts. Consumer buying process is five step activities. Consumer behaviour is indispensable to watch movements of the markets.

Consumer behaviour study assists in facing competition, too. For other brands, the consumer may have indifferent feelings the inert set. Consumer behaviour is concerned with: The importance of children as influencers in a wide range of purchase contexts should never be underestimated and the phenomenon is known as pester power.

Thus, the study of consumer behaviour is the base for developing a new product successfully. Primary Research Secondary Research Primary Research - Primary Research refers to a research methodology where marketers interact with consumers directly and gather as much information as they can.

Define, analyze and understand marketing requirements: Finally, the product sales start to decrease in this stage as a result of competition, substitute products, etc. This understanding of information use facilitates the development of marketing policy.

Consumer behaviour

Consumer actions, in this instance, could involve requesting a refund, making a complaint, deciding not to purchase the same brand or from the same company in the future or even spreading negative product reviews to friends or acquaintances, possibly via social media.

The decision model assumes that purchase decisions do not occur in a vacuum. Find out what they are actually looking for?

Information is generally collected through surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms, interviews etc. Reduce the uncertainty in the market: Each unit of resources can contribute maximum to objectives.

Importance of Studying Consumer Behaviour

If the customer is not happy with purchase, a bad word of mouth follows, and she looks for alternative product or service.

Consumers evaluate alternatives in terms of the functional also called utilitarian and psycho-social also called the value-expressive or the symbolic benefits offered. Take care of consumer needs, the consumers, in return, will take care of your needs.

Influences on purchase decision[ edit ] Purchasing is influenced by a wide range of internal and external factors.

The final step is post-purchase reaction where in customer if she is satisfied with goods or services recommends to other prospective customers or repeat the purchase.

Consumer Behaviour - Meaning, Determinants and its Importance

Salwar Suits are extremely popular in North India whereas females prefer saris and skirt blouses in eastern and southern parts of India. The study of consumer behavior helps the marketer to reduce the uncertainty that may affect marketing program, and hence enables a firm to anticipate the effects of its marketing decision variables on consumers.

Understanding purchasing and consumption behaviour is a key challenge for marketers. Throughout the entire process, the consumer engages in a series of mental evaluations of alternatives, searching for the best value.

Importance of consumer behavior in a marketing strategy

Remember consumers would show interest in your products only if they are of any use to them or their immediate family members. Demographic factors include income level, psychographics lifestylesage, occupation and socio-economic status.Understanding of the consumer behaviour begins with study of the consumer buying process.

Consumer buying process is five step activities. The starting with need recognition, which leads to information search, once information is obtained from different sources next step, is the evaluation and intent where in consumer evaluates.

Importance of Consumer Behaviour to business managers The main purpose behind marketing a product is to satisfy demands and wants of the Consumers. Study of consumer behaviour helps to achieve this purpose. Maharajas Brochure English.

Risk and Insurance. Role or importance of study of consumer behaviour can be explained with reference to the Documents Similar To Importance of Studying Consumer Behaviour. Switch. Uploaded by. Makarand Shiriskar. PPT of Consumer Behaviou.5/5(1). Consumer behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and all the activities associated with the purchase, use and disposal of goods and services, including the consumer's emotional, mental and behavioural responses that precede or follow these activities.

Consumer behaviour emerged in the s and 50s as a distinct sub. Consumer Behaviour refers to the study of buying tendencies of consumers. An individual who goes for shopping does not necessarily end up buying products. There are several stages a consumer goes through before he finally picks up things available in the market.

Importance of Understanding Buyer Behaviour Buyer Behaviour | Principles of Marketing BBA | BBA-BI | BBA-TT | BCIS Management Notes. Buyer behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the .

Importance of consumer buying behaviour in marketing management
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