Comparison of the met and guggenheim essay

Upon first glance at the Guggenheim Museum, one is both impressed and intrigued by its design pictures Guggenheim Museum is located on Fifth Avenue between 88th and 89th streets picture1. The core of the building emanates from the central pillar that is seen just atop the spiraling structure.

The best impression of the structure is obtained from just across the street picture 1. It gives the overpowering impression of being a magnet and mirror for all of humanity and all that humanity does.

It was commissioned by Solomon Guggenheim in Like his other constructions, Wright makes use of cantilever architecture where the corners are free. Like Robie House and Falling Water, the museum is a product of its environment and finds its inspiration from nature.

Two of these masterpieces of architecture are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum.

Every culture from every part of the world, from past to present is represented and is in fact the largest collection of art work in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Both continue the metaphor of New York being a world within a world and possess the latent fusion of form and function, one dependent on the other. At the uppermost section of the entablature there is another cornice that outlines the roof of the entire building picture There are very few corners, with smoothness and blending of form the focus.

Like Robie House, this gives support to the overall structure top of pictures 1, 2.

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Each museum serves the same purpose: Wright was reluctant on New York being chosen as the city to house the museum but he finally decided on its current location. It is composed of glass with a pyramidal The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in by wealthy American businessmen and artists of the time with the sole purpose to create a museum bringing art and education from around the world to the citizens of America.

It is an organic form that derives its source from Central Park located just opposite. There is a cornice directly above the capitals. The eastern section is characterized by large dome shaped windows interrupted in between engaged Corinthian columns picture The Metropolitan Museum is a colossus relative to museums and upon first inspection of the Fifth Avenue facade, the viewer is immediately struck by its awesome size pictures 12, The Metropolitan Museum is the epitome of neo-Classical style while the Guggenheim is a modernist powerhouse.

Horizontal lines are stressed throughout the exterior, with the museum being longer than it is tall. Located on Fifth Avenue and 83rd street just inside Central Parkit is a living encyclopedia of world art picture There is a stepped in section that is perhaps designed to hold a sculpture.

Comparison of the Met and Guggenheim

The neo-Classical style hails back to the great civilizations of Greece and Rome. Above the columns is another cornice that surrounds the length of the building. The steps leading up to the entrance is reminiscent of the Parthenon and gives the building a sense of grandeur picture Let us now take a look at the impression each building gives the viewer.

As aforementioned the Museum houses the largest collection of art in the western hemisphere and is built of limestone. For a city so young, New York is home to number of architectural classics.what to do terrorism and the media essay.

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what is graphic design. Let us now take a look at the impression each building gives the viewer. The Met and the Guggenheim possess two of the most famous museum façade's in the world. Documents Similar To comparison of the met and guggenheim museum new york. Pearl Academy. Free Essay: New York City has been called “the greatest city in the world” numerous times by its own people and visitors to the city.

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comparison of the Met and Guggenheim Essay Words | 7 Pages. number of architectural classics. Two of these masterpieces of architecture are the Metropolitan Museum of.  A Comparison of the Leadership Traits of George Washington and George Mason Gabriel Eberhardt & Sasha Loftin MET AD Boston University Great leaders throughout history are generally known for their greatness in a particular area.

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Comparison of the met and guggenheim essay
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