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Caltech offers two rounds of admission: Because admission to graduate studies in electrical engineering at Caltech is extremely competitive, the Admissions Committee attempts to select those applicants it judges both best qualified and best suited for the graduate program. The examining committee shall consist of a minimum of four voting members, three of whom must be Caltech faculty; two members must be from MCE.

If you are denied in Regular Decision, there is no appeals process. For more information on this policy, please refer to page Texas AustinU. This committee shall consist of at least three members of the Caltech professorial faculty, with at least two members from the faculty in mechanical and civil engineering.

The PhD program begins with a year or two of coursework with simultaneous initial research activity, followed by a candidacy examination, and then typically three or four years of concentrated research culminating in writing a PhD thesis and presenting the results of this thesis orally at a final examination.

January 3 Regular Decision Notifications: Thesis and Final Examination The thesis examination will be given after the thesis has been formally completed.

Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Students are strongly encouraged to do this before the end of the second year of residency. Subject Minor A student majoring in another option at the Institute may elect a subject minor in electrical engineering. Potential outcomes from Early Action include: If you are denied in Early Action, you may not reapply during Regular Decision.

It is based in part on performance in courses and in part on a one-hour oral presentation scheduled early in the second quarter.

As preparation for advanced study and research, entering graduate students are expected to have a thorough background in undergraduate mathematics, physics, and engineering.

The format of the examination can be chosen from the following two options, by the student, in consultation with their research advisor: Admission sometimes may have to be refused solely on the basis of limited facilities in the option concerned. Admission will be granted only to a limited number of students of superior ability, and application should be made by the posted deadlines.

Further, the committee shall meet annually to review progress and to approve the registration of the student beyond the fifth year of graduate residence at Caltech. Before the end of his or her second academic year of graduate study, the student normally takes the Ph.

Course work in three core mechanical engineering subjects, 18 units each of the three subjects, spanning at least two broad areas listed below. The admission process takes place once each year for enrollment during the fall. Aims and Scope of the Graduate Program Award of the Bachelor of Science degree may be followed by graduate study leading to the Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, and the more advanced degrees of Electrical Engineer or Doctor of Philosophy.

Examples of suitable courses are given in parentheses. Applications will not be reviewed until all credentials and official copies of test scores have been received. Tuition scholarships alone are not available.

The aim of the graduate program in mechanical engineering at Caltech is to prepare students for research and professional practice in an era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology. Applicants who already possess a Ph. Graduates who choose an industrial career find employment both in large firms primarily in the aerospace, energy, and semiconductor industries and with small high-technology startup companies.

Freshman classes cannot be counted toward this. These units may be selected from any course with a number of or greater, except that research units may not be included.

Only up to 27 units in research e. Only in exceptional cases is there admission to the M. Early Action Early Action is non-binding and non-restrictive. Pass both subject and research components of the oral candidacy examination before the end of the eighth term of graduate academic residence at Caltech.

Thesis and Final Examination The candidate is required to take a final oral examination covering the doctoral thesis and its significance in and relation to his or her major field. At least 54 units of EE letter-graded courses courses listed or cross-listed as EE labeled or above and not counting EE or EE are required.

Applicants should submit Graduate Record Examination scores. Regular Decision Potential outcomes from Regular Decision include: As the year progresses, the electrical engineering faculty get to know the student, and the student makes contact with the professor in his or her area of research interest.

EE abc, Electrical Engineering Seminar, is also required. Obtain approval of a course of study consisting of at least units of advanced courses in electrical engineering or the related subjects approved by the Ph. Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, and other universities worldwide.

Graduate Program

The requirement in mathematics is in addition to the requirements above.CaltechTHESIS is powered by EPrints which is developed by the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. More information and.

If the thesis is being completed during the spring quarter of the senior year, a draft of the thesis is to be submitted by Add Day. Related Links: Caltech Undergraduate Information. The aim of the graduate program in mechanical engineering at Caltech is to prepare students for research and professional practice in an era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology.

to review progress and to approve the registration of the student beyond the fifth year of graduate residence at Caltech. The adviser and the. Applications for graduate studies are reviewed and evaluated for admission (and financial aid) each year starting on December 15, after all credentials (including recommendation letters and official copies of test scores) have been received.

GRE scores are required (applicants should take the GRE in September to allow enough time for Caltech to. ALL testing must be completed prior to the application deadline. Exams taken after the deadlines will NOT be considered.

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SAT/ACT registration and test dates are subject to change and vary by country. Welcome to CaltechTHESIS CaltechTHESIS is a growing repository of Ph.D., Engineer, Master's and Bachelor's/Senior theses authored by Caltech students. It is updated continuously as students add new theses, and as library staff scan and add older theses.

Caltech thesis deadline
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